BREAKING NEWS: Korfball is back! Outdoor training starts April 14th at 7pm.

COVID-19 Return to play


Training will start on Wednesday 14th April at 7pm at Blackbrook and will continue every Wednesday at the same time for the foreseeable future. The end time is open - we will start with 7-8pm and as the days get longer we will look to push that to 8:30pm.


Before you arrive you must complete the screening form on our website

This must be done either on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the session so for the first session it must be completed on Tue 13th or Wed 14th. If you haven't completed you cannot join us on the field until you have - myself and Ben can check who has and when. We will keep these records for 8 weeks to provide evidence if it's ever required.


Please arrive promptly for training and only share lifts with someone in your own household/bubble.

On arrival please sanitise your hands with the gel provided (you may bring your own, of course) and register your attendance with the NHS app by scanning the QR code for Blackbrook's field (if it has one, we aren't sure yet!). We will also take your temperature.

We appreciate that you will want to catch up with people you haven't seen in ages but it is vital that social distancing is maintained whilst we're briefing & preparing for training. Please remember that we're in a public place & therefore open to scrutiny so please follow all the current covid security measures whilst at training. Cleanse your hands regularly and especially after touching your face, wear a face covering if you enter the building & keep 2m apart from others.

Please listen carefully to the briefing given by the coaches and ask for clarification if you don't understand something or feel uncomfortable. New members are welcome but we will need to know about their attendance in advance.

If you are new and want to join us please send us a message on our contact us page.


Training will start off pretty simple to get us into the swing of things. There won't be any matches to start, matches will have to be under guarded Korfball rules - we will do some drills over a few weeks to get people understanding guarded Korf before we go into matches. Training will be paused every 10-15mins for drinks and sanitizing.

IMPORTANT! : Some drills will involve close contact which is fine under guarded Korf rules. If there is any drill or situation you are not comfortable with please let us know and we can get you doing something else. Everyone will have their own pace to go at - we will aim to accommodate everyone.